Shine On You Program


“Shine On You Program” is established to help the children’s home members who suffer from Speech Difficulty (a type of learning difficulty). Comprehensive and individualized professional speech assessment will be provided to the children. Once speech difficulty is diagnosed, appropriate constant treatment will be administered and support will be offered, with an intention that concomitant conditions can be rectified.

Due to the limited resources in the children’s home, children suspected and identified with speech difficulty are unlikely to receive further crucial assistance. Moreover, in some cases, even though children are diagnosed with speech difficulty, families might not be able to take effective and immediate remedial steps to deal with the situation.

As many speech difficulty children respond very well to early interference and right treatment at the right time, Sunshine Children Foundation would like to be the speech difficulty children’s pillar of support.

Your generous donation and support is a ray of sunshine for the children.

Project Partner

Joyance Community Health Consultant Co. Ltd

Joyance Community Health Consultant Co. Ltd. is a non-profit organization managed by a team of enthusiastic Christians, providing speech and language assessment, including Chinese characters recognition, reading and writing ability. Being a project partner of Shine On You, Joyance is providing service to Sunshine Children at a low price. Its professional and experienced linguistic therapists will conduct a thorough speech assessment for the needy children of Sunshine Children as well as a detailed analysis on their individual condition and background, followed by a comprehensive report and recommendation.

The University of Hong Kong (Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences)

The Division of Speech and Hearing Science, which was established in July 1988, provides the highest quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Speech and Hearing Sciences. In addition to the professional education, speech and language assessment and therapy services are provided at its clinic for those who suffer from communication disorder.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Speech Therapy Unit)

The Speech Therapy Unit aims to create a platform to serve education and research purposes through the provision of speech therapy services. Its clinic provides appropriate assessments and treatments to those who are suffering from communication disorder. Speech therapy services are provided to the locals as well as the people on the Mainland, where insufficient health care support is provided.


Evangel Children's Home

Evangel Children’s Home, founded in 1956, is a subsidiary of the Evangelical Free Church of China. It is a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong. Evangel Children’s Home aims to protect the basic rights of children, including accommodation and physical and well-being development. Also, it genuinely fosters the children’s senses of integrity.

Sunshine Children is currently at its initial stage of Shine On Everyone project and speech and language assessments have already been provided to six children at Evangel Children’s Home at the initial stage of. A customised programme will be provided according to the results of the assessments carried out by the speech therapists. Also, a weekly visit at Evangel Children’s Home can be arranged for individual treatment. Progress of each child will be followed up by Sunshine Children until his speech disorder is completely cured.

Photo: Shine On You