"Shine On You" Sponsorship Program


“Shine On You” sponsorship program is established to help children from the lower income families or the Hong Kong children’s home who suffer from Speech Difficulty (a type of learning difficulty).  Comprehensive and individualized professional speech assessment will be provided to the children. Once speech difficulty is diagnosed, appropriate constant treatment will be administered and support will be offered, with an intention that concomitant conditions can be rectified.

Our Sponsored Children

Due to the limited resources in the children’s home, children suspected and identified with speech difficulty are unlikely to receive further crucial assistance.

Moreover, in some cases, even though children are diagnosed with speech difficulty, families are not able to take effective and immediate remedial steps to deal with the situation due to lack of finical support. Many of these children are from broken families and have been neglected or treated unkindly or even abused. They need to be independent and skillful to take care of themselves someday. However, their future opportunities can be affected significantly if they do not get the right learning support help.

As many speech difficulty children respond very well to early interference and right treatment at the right time, Sunshine Children Foundation would like to be the speech difficulty children’s pillar of support. A sufficient speech therapy program can make a change in these children’s future. They can overcome their problems and be confident again in themselves.

About Shine On You

According to the figures released by the Labour and Welfare Bureau (2012) children with speech and language disorders make up the largest subgroup of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Hong Kong. Many of these children come from lower income families are on the waiting list for the government supports and yet cannot afford private therapy services.

Sunshine Children Foundation has partnered with The University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to create the “Shine On You” sponsorship program. In this program, we provide free speech assessments and therapy services to lower income families’children who suffer from speech disorder.

This program is fully supported and sponsored by Sunshine Children Foundation. These therapy sessions are hosted by qualified speech professors together with their students at the children's home. Children will obtain a weekly speech therapy service for a period of time according to their needs.